A stunning Northern European country, Norway is not only famous for its world-renowned fjords and high standard of living but also its vibrant energy industry.


From fossil fuels to renewables, Norway is an energy innovator. Its 20,000 km coastline is rich in oil reserves while its mountain ranges are ideal for hydro energy production. The country is known for pioneering CO2 reduction technology such as carbon capture and storage and has set a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.



Trondheim holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture. It was the first capital of Norway, and is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessing. Situated by the Trondheim fjord, it is surrounded by forested hills, with the Nidelva River winding through the town. Today it is a bustling modern city that is a centre of knowledge and a research community ranking among the best in Europe. There is a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities that allow visitors to experience both the charm and intimacy of the small town and the thrills of big-city life.




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