This year ISES 2013 has a new addition to the program… the Conveners Club Changemakers Panel!

What is the Conveners Club?

The Conveners Club is comprised of the all the past Chairs of the International Student Energy Summit.  This is a group of exceptional individuals who in their time as students devoted themselves to creating a unique one-time ISES experience and building a movement dedicated to solving the world's energy problems. 

What does the Club do?

An ISES Chair is a convener at their very core: a convener of people, ideas and resources. Someone who understands what it means to have a vision and see the big picture, yet who also has the patience and tenacity to work through the “small-picture” details and see the vision through to realization.  After planning their own ISES events, ISES chairs transition to:


  • Engage the ISES Alumni community
  • Collect the stories of ISES Alumni
  • Maintain the spirit of ISES as it was originally envisioned
  • Provide peer-to-peer professional development support and mentorship to ISES Chairs



in the spirit of engaging the ISES Alumni community, the Club will celebrate the stories of four ISES Alumni who continue to “fuel the future of energy” in their careers. The Club will host the first official “Changemakers” panel at ISES 2013.  The four selected alumni will receive all expenses paid trip to Trondheim, Norway and the opportunity to have tell their story told in front of 500+ students, professors, business executives and government leaders.



To demonstrate the spirit of current ISES delegates, one Changemakers panel slot will be given to a current ISES 2013 delegate already demonstrating exceptional leadership in energy through a curricular or extra-curricular initiative at their university or in their community. This delegate will also receive an all expenses paid trip to Trondheim and be given the opportunity to share their story. 


APPLY HERE (http://www.popsurvey.com/s/h96d2v )


Student Energy Conveners Club “Changemakers” Award Criteria

  • Have attended a past ISES event or are a current ISES 2013 delegate
  • Are currently working in the energy industry, are engaging in energy-related research or are involved in student-led initiative focused on energy.
  • SIGNIFICANCE: The Changemakers work addresses an issue that is critical to the future of sustainable energy, and the issue is anticipated to affect the quality of life (environmental, social, economic) of his or her region in the foreseeable future
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The Changemaker has been highly effective in achieving positive change. His or her work has a measurable record of accomplishment.
  • INNOVATION: The Changemaker is advancing an innovative strategy that directly improves people's lives. The work represents a leap in creativity or a fundamental departure from usual practice.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: The Changemaker helps build bridges among people with differing viewpoints or different backgrounds.
  • FIELD LEADERSHIP: The Changemaker has demonstrated an interest in sharing his or her model within the field and informing policymaking on related issues.

For questions on the Conveners Club and the ISES 2013 Changemakers Panel, please email Rosie Pidcock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Emily Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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