We live in a world of change. Everything around us is constantly moving and as tomorrow’s leaders, students are well positioned to take advantage of this turbulence and push the boundries of today’s energy system.


The ISES 2013 program is designed for student, by students. ISES 2013 will drive tomorrow’s energy leaders to discuss and challenge the current energy landscape with the goal of building a sustainable future. ISES delegates will have a chance to visit the beautiful city of Trondheim, Norway and learn about regional issues and developments from all aspects of energy from all areas of the world.


The ISES 2013 program will address questions such as:

  • How can different energy sectors coexist effectively in delivering the world’s increasing appetite for energy?
  • How do we more effectively manage our current energy resources?
  • How will the developing, emerging, and developed nations work together to create a sustainable energy system?
  • What is the role of student’s in influence change in the context of technology, politics and society?


The conference format will include:

  • Panel sessions
  • Specialized breakout sessions
  • Interactive simulation games on real world issues and markets
  • Social networking events (the face-to-face kind)


Our generation has an important task at hand. The actions (or inactions) of today’s students in dealing with global energy challenges will dictate whether our future children will flourish in a vibrant ecosystem, or leave a legacy of social and environmental problems.


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